DMN – Designers movie nights Inspirational design events: 
one night, one designer, 
one movie. and stories...

Speakers & Movies

  • Nádai “Fefe” Ferenc
    Gery Hustwit: Rams
  • Csordás “Csordi” Zoltán
    Graphic Means
  • Hoffer “Flame” Gábor
    Jiro: Dreams of sushi
  • Pribék “Kapor” Gábor
    Design Disruptors
  • Csernák Bence
    Ethics for design
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5 events
400 attendees yet

A liveable future requires strong, cooperative, and collaborative communities who share knowledge voluntarily and selflessly.

The DMN Designers Movie Nights is still on hold due to current COVID situation. We prefer face-to-face communication and live performances, that's why we still waiting and not going to digital broadcast.

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Ferenc "Fefe" nádai (top left) and zoltán "csordi" Csordás (bottom left) on the stage
Dani and rob


  • Oliver Klimpel (DE)
  • Liv Siddall (UK)
  • Martin Bajaník + Yeme (SK)
  • Veronika Pařízková and  Radim Tuček – Czechdesign (CZ)
  • David Gauquelin (FR/HUN)
  • Studio Marvil + TON (CZ)
  • Felix Pfäffli and Raphael Leutenegger – Studio Feixen (CH)
  • Erik Sikora (SK)
  • Jan Franciszek Cieślak (PL)
  • Petra Dočekalová (CZ)
  • Peter Hajdin + LUNTER (SK)
  • Lars Harmsen (DE)
more about the reasons what is the eastern design conference and why it was born you can find in this post on

Eastern design conference
“There is a chance... to develop goals and ways of working which have their basis in the visual histories and cultural concerns of the region.”
Rick Poynor

Oliver klimpel (DE)
and Liv Siddal (UK)

2 days
7 countries
12 speakers
220 participant

First, initial Eastern Design Conference was organised in 2018.

I convinced that there is something special in this region and not just from a designer perspective. We started this discuss with attendees, as noted by Rick Poynor in the above citation, for which I thank Zsolt Czakó.

Check the event archive website
online magazine about hungarian typography and type design from past and present

There were no central source for a  Hungarian typography and typeface design. First version of the website was developed around 2013. Currently it's still a personal, ongoing project. From the first moments, I thought that together, with a small enthusiastic pal's we can evolve it easily, with small effort.

So, if you are a type enthusiast and wanna help, check the Serifmag page and contact me!

Serifmag website

Viktor is one of the most forward thinking and versatile designer I know – he is fully aware the latest visual and branding trends as well as the technological developments and implementation. A rare type of designer who has an entrepreneurial mindset, strategic thinking, who sees the big picture but at the same time pays attention to the smallest details. He has a passion for the industry too, connecting designers and clients by building communities and organising different events where both parties can find interesting topics. This is an excellent way to advertise design as a discipline for the wider business audiences.

Bence Csernák, UX Consultant & Product Design Director

Interested? Have a design or product idea ?

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